Guidelines for the Dismissal of Students with Health Concerns

1.  The student with a temperature of 100 degrees or more.

2.  The student wit an undiagnosed rash/skin lesion. (Exception:  If the student is taken to a physician, he/she may be readmitted with the doctor's written permission stating the rash is not contagious.)

3.  Head lice.

4.  Other conditions which may warrant a student being sent home include:

  • Inflamed red eyes and/or drainage
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Frequent persistent cough
  • Earache and/or drainage from the ear
  • Questionable illness or injuries which may require evaluation by a physician
  • Sores that appear infected or are draining

Note:  School nurses do assessments but do not diagnose.


Parents or guardian report illness to the school office.  Students having absences of three days or more due to communicable disease or injury should be readmitted through the health office.  In questionable cases, a statement from the physician may be requested by the school nurse.

Students returning after a contagious disease may be admitted when free of symptoms (recommended temperature normal for 24 hours) at the discretion of the nurse. the communicable disease chart may be referred to as a guide.  additional resources include the Public Health Department and the Health Services Coordinator. 

For complete infection control guidelines, contact the School Nurse.

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