Welcome to Mrs. Chatt's Health Room

Mrs. Chatt, our school nurse,  contributes to the educational success of each Tekamah-Herman student by promoting a safe and healthy environment for learning.  This is accomplished by:

  • Health screening
  • First Aid and medication administration
  • Immunization monitoring
  • Communicable disease control
  • Responding to medical emergencies
  • Health Education
  • Management of chronic health conditions
  • EHA Wellness

 For further information please contact Mrs. Chatt at 402-374-2154 or 402-456-7404.

In case your student becomes ill during the school day, it is essential that phone numbers and emergency contact are kept up-to-date! Please notify your school of any changes.  If you keep your student home due to illness, be sure to notify the school office.  Contact the school nurse if you have any questions about your child's return to school following illness.


Thank you, Mrs. Chatt!


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